Religious Tour

GUIDED • HALF DAY PLUS • 35 per person/ 2 person Minimum


Join us on a journey where we go back in time to visit Churches and Mosques hundreds of years old. Together we will discuss how Communism shaped the people and religions of Albania. Also, how religious groups resisted Communist transformations.


Some Guides are actual Priests and Imams

All functioning Religious places of worship. Located in and around Shkoder

Lunch: Not Included (Please have Leke (Albanian Currency) to buy snacks and lunch)

If 6 hours is to long a tour we will customize an itinerary to fit your needs based on your interests.

Religious Research groups can inquire for special pricing.


35 per person/ 2 person Minimum

Add Ons

Private Transportation Included

We of course will help with recommendations for food/restaurant choices

What to Bring

Comfortable walking shoes, water bottle, camera.

Please remember these are religious places so appropriate attire is expected.