Various One-Way Transfer Tours. Shkodër to Sarandë ~ Podgorica, Montenegro to Sarandë, Albania & more!

The Main Board Walk and Port as seen from Southern Sarandë (Aaron J. Spicker- Photo)

Shkodër to Sarandë 120 € per person (3 person minimum for this trip)

Visit this gorgeous beach city and the surrounding UNESCO sites.

Join us as we travel from Shkodër, Albania. Passing historical sites along the way.

Call and inquire for these Transfer Tours

Shkodër to Korçë (the eighth most populous city of the Republic of Albania) ( various stops; Lezhë,  Krujë, Tirana, Elbasan (70 € per person)

Shkodër, Albania to Skopje, N. Macedonia (Skopje International Airport) (various stops; Lezhë , Kukës, Albania, Prizren, Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo (90 € per person)

Podgorica & Bar, Montenegro to Sarandë, Albania (150 € per person) * see Shkodër to Sarandë itinerary.

Centinje & Tivat, Montenegro to Sarandë , Albania  (190 € per person) * see Shkodër to Sarandë itinerary.  

Contact Florian to arrange any customized Transfer Tours for your group.

Itinerary for Shkodër to Sarandë

We can pick you up from any hostel or hotel in Shkodër, Albania

  • Early morning – (6.30 AM) pick up from your hotel
  • First stop is an Old City Kruje ~ City of our Hero Skanderbeg (‘the Albanian feudal lord and military commander who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in what is today Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia‘)
  • Hour Lunch Break – Lunch Break in Tirana
  • Highlighted stops in Durres, Berat and Gjirokastër
  • Drop off to your hostel/hotel in Sarandë  or schedule permitting ferry into Greece


120 € per person (3 person minimum for this trip * please note ONE WAY trip)

Note: 6 people or more in your group? Ask for seasonal discount.

Call Florian to arrange any overnight stays in Sarandë and various cities, or ask about our ‘sister’ tour office in Sarandë  for pre-planning adventures and day trips.

What to Bring

Albanian Leke (ALL) for Lunch , Snacks and Water

Sarandë  and her glorious sunsets (Aaron J. Spicker- Photo)
What was once the Entrance to Sarandë  (Aaron J. Spicker- Photo)
From the Lekursi Castle a view of the National Park of Butrint, a must see UNESCO Site (Aaron J. Spicker- Photo)

Korçë, Albania~ First Albanian School & Museum of Education (blue flags). Must see National Museum of Medieval Art *imaged used by permission. Delicious Beer at the Birra Korca (Korca Brewery) All Images by Aaron J. Spicker – Photo