Prizren, District of Kosovo

GUIDED • FULL DAY • 65 per person/3 people Minimum


Visit this beautiful and often underrated city in Kosovo. With a rich history, a very long lineage of occupations by many other countries, it’s an eclectic place. Walking there provides visual influences of architecture and the mix of cultures. It’s a interesting experience to see how Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Turkish life blend together.

The main attractions are the Shadervan pedestiran walkway dotted with numerous cafes and restaurants, the Old Stone Bridge, Our Lady of Ljeviš 14th a century Serbian orthodox church (UNESCO protected), mosques like the Sinan Pasha Mosque.


Departures available form these cites, Shkodër, Durres, Tirana, Krujë, Elbasan.

Driving times vary, please figure approx. 2 1/2 hours.

Lunch: Please being Albanian Currency (Leke) as we will share with you options and choices of places to eat in the center of Prizren.


65 € per person/3 people Minimum * However we will customize the itinerary or group size pricing to fit your needs.

What to Bring

Albanian Currency (Leke), comfortable walking shoes, water bottle