Albanian Historical Music Tour

GUIDED • FULL DAY • Starting from 20 € per person, 3 person minimum


On this tour you can enjoy the sounds of Albania and listen to the major stylistic diversity between traditional music verses the differences in each region of the country.

An old professional musician, who has been playing the local instruments all his life, will guide you through the history of local music through the revolutionary times to today’s Albania. During the communist regime, musicians were forced to work for the communist regime singing odes to the government who had given people factories, trains, fields and animals. Had they been singing about freedom, they would have risked their lives. You will hear various local instruments from the unique regions of the country. The sounds, melodies and lyrics will enrich you with all the hopes and beliefs that are important for the people of Albania giving you an opportunity to share in the spirit of the nation.


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What to Bring

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