North Albania Tours is an experienced tour operator based in Shkodër, Albania.

Our hometown is the fifth-largest city in Albania and is one of the oldest in Europe. Situated near Lake Shkodër – the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula – Shkodër is an excellent home base for exploring the many cultural and historical sites of northern Albania. The close proximity to the Nikaj-Mertur Regional Nature Park and the Parku Kombëtar Lugina e Valbonës offers hikers and mountaineers a plethora of beautiful walking routes.  Shkodër Lake allows for numerous kayaking and cycling opportunities. The soil in this corner of Albania is rich and fertile, enabling our wine grapes to grow and prosper. So if wine tasting is something that tickles your tastebuds, you have come to the right place.

We specialize in the following:

Our tours range from cultural city tours and boat trips to hiking and trekking excursions in the majestic mountains. We also offer Albanian cooking classes, cycling and horseback riding outings.

If you are an individual or group seeking a well-organized adventure, or perhaps a tour operator needing some local assistance and on-the-ground knowledge we help create an authentic and unique experience for our clients. Please feel free to contact us with your travel ideas. We would be delighted to help craft a tailor-made adventure for you!

Company Founder

North Albania Tours is led by Florian. He acquired extensive tourism and hospitality experience while working for a Dutch travel company in Durrës, Albania. For more than 4.5 years, Florian served as a tour guide and consultant, leading international travelers throughout Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. He has also worked in Lapland and is a member of SMALAFTA, a professional association for the travel industry, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Upon returning to his home in Northern Albania, this has helped Florian to expand his own tourism-focused companies!

Today, with over 12 years of industry experience, Florian takes pride in the fact that he’s been able to spread his wealth of knowledge and experience about local Albanian culture, history and traditions with his happy tourists. All the while helping to support his family, and stimulate the local economy.

Business Partnerships

We are seeking business partnerships with international tour companies! Is travel your business? If your organization or tour company is interested in expanding to new territories, get in touch! In partnership, we can create customized tours and activities for individuals, couples, groups and organizations with adventurous and cultural interests – worldwide.