Durrës Day Trip

GUIDED • FULL DAY • €40 per person


Departing from Shkoder, come and explore Durrës, the largest port and second largest city in Albania! As one of the oldest cities in Albania, Durrës carries the largest economical significance for the country.

The city boasts one of the largest amphitheaters in the Balkan peninsula, the Durrës Amphitheater; a capacity of 20,000 people.

A walk along the Byzantine city wall introduces the Durrës Castle. From here we will guide you to the theatrical and musical center of the city, highlighted  by the Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre, the Estrada Theater, a puppet theater and the philharmonic orchestra.

There is also one of the largest archaeological museum in the country located in Durrës.


We will customize an itinerary to fit your needs.

Lunch Break – We will have a 70-minute break for lunch.


40 € per person
There is a minimum of 3 people required for this tour.

What to Bring

Snacks and Water