Hiking Tour near Shkodër

GUIDED • FULL DAY • 40€ per person


Within driving distance of Shkodër, Maranai National Park commands stunning views over Lake Shkodra, Shkodër city center, and the lush fields stretching north to Montenegro. The foothills of the mountains are replete with hidden and abandoned villages and the alpine forest continues right up to the summit.
This tour is available year-round, even when the passage between Theth and Valbonë is snowed-in!


Travel and Hike – This tour starts in the early morning (7 a.m.) from your accommodation’s location around Shkodër. Your guide will take you to the base of the mountain range near Drisht.

Lunch (Please pack your own or you can purchase lunch at the trail head) – We will have a 45+ minute break for lunch along the hike.


Min 2 persons, 40€ Each.
For groups of 4 or more, please Contact Us.

* Note: If you wish to start and finish this trip from Tirana or Durrës, there is an additional 40€ transfer fee. (We will pick you up at 7am and return you between 8-9pm)

What to Bring

Hiking shoes, Water, Lunch and Sunscreen
Please be aware you need to be in good physical health to hike the trail, as it is a slightly demanding route.

Be prepared to be safe.