Film, TV, Video Artists ~ Beautiful North Albania for your Production Backdrop

Ancient Lakes and Rivers with
amazing blue sky
Roman Era back drops

North Albania can offer film crews a variety of rural locations for filming; movies, television, documentaries or music videos.
Life in small villages and towns has not changed here in hundreds of year. If you are looking for an authentic experience that may be rooted in the medieval past or from the ancients, then North Albanian Tours can help you navigate these interesting villages. Please be aware, some places have electricity but no running water and while others have all the modern conveniences. Production in N. Albania with her beautiful villages, nature and authenticity could easily substitute filming needs appearing as a Western European or North American country background.

If you are looking for rural valleys overlooking the mountains that could mimic Germany, Switzerland, Pacific North West (USA) or mountains with trails carved out by horses then N. Albania has many choices for you and your crew. We can find the right fit for your production; locations untouched by humans, rural areas with no homes, places with modern infrastructure, even areas with no man made structures to  interfere with your filming concept. 

The weather in N. Albania is typically hot and dry from May through September. We are on the same longitude as Southern Italy. Modern infrastructures does exist in the larger cities so depending on your budget and production style we are here to help you both organize your time getting to and from filming sites, find you accommodations in the mountains or rural areas and can also offer to provide your crew our fully modern, family run Guesthouse in Shkoder, Albania to rest and recharge (meals included).
Please see the following links for information on tax breaks and incentives with filming in Albania.