Theth Day Trip from Tirana, Durres, Bar, Elbasan, Ulcinj, or Podgorica

GUIDED • FULL DAY • 100 per person, 3 person minimum


Declared a national park in 1966, the Theth National Park covers an area of 2,630 hectares. The river Theth runs through the park creating an enchanting landscape that is one of a kind to see in Albania. Located near to the city of Shkodër and the North Albania Tours office, a hike through this national park will calm and refresh your body and soul.

We offer this tour staring from multiple destinations. The options are:

  • Tirana, Albania
  • Durres, Albania
  • Bar, Albania
  • Elbasan, Albania
  • Ulcinj, Montenegro
  • Podgorica, Montenegro

Please note that you are responsible for having the required documents for crossing the border. Kindly also note that due to weather and traffic conditions, this tour is only available from Mid-March until July 1st, and from September to Mid-November.


Departure – The departure time in all options is at 07:00. The minibus will pick you up from your hotel and take you first to Shkoder, where we will stop briefly.

Lunch – We will have a lunch break in Thet before the hike.

Return – We will drop you back to your hotel at 21:00. Kindly note that during the peak season in July and August, the return time might be later due to heavy traffic.

For the rest of the itinerary, please see the tour starting from Shkoder.

We are happy to hold your luggage during the day while you tour the mountains. At the end of the tour, we can drop you off at Tirana International Airport or Durres International Seaport, whichever is more convenient to you, at no extra charge!

Is 1 day not enough for you? Check out the 2-day version and 3-day version of the Theth – Valbona.


100 € per person, 3 person minimum

What to Bring

Sturdy shoes, Sunscreen, Water, Pack your own snacks and Lunch (* you can buy lunch in the few restaurants located in Theth [Albanian Leke is required]). Please be aware you need to be in good physical health to walk the hilly areas of Theth.