Stories of Albania: a face to face experience like no other.



Personal stories are experienced best by sharing them face to face. There are things you just cannot share by posting or reading online. We hope you will experience some of these amazing feelings and create your own stories when you visit with us here at the Florian Guesthouse in Shkodër , Albania. One of life’s gifts is to share your experiences thru storytelling. Being able to transfer those thoughts and feelings with the people you know and love or those you have just met enriches one’s soul.

Florian wants to take you on a journey throughout the history of Albania. Starting from the rule of the Ottoman empire that ended in 1912. There is then the Communist Era under Enver Hoxha (Albanian Communist politician, 1908-1985) which extended 6 years after Hoxha’s death, 1991. Plus Florian shares examples of politics today making up recent developments in Albania. These stories are spoken only; parents to children, from the grandparents, generation to generation, told not from newspapers, magazines or TV but from personal experience.

Florian’s family belongs to the minority of Christian people who live in Albania. It is fascinating, Florian will share with you about the influence from the Ottoman empire, the pressures on Albanian culture to forcibly change, even how the Communist regime visited the family’s winery. Or perhaps pose the question why the people from Albania had to learn Chinese? Or why the confluences of Italian language?


These and other genuine stories will be told to you in a relaxed and private setting under the grape vines at the Guesthouse. There is room for both group settings and individuals. Come be our guest and join the conversation on Albanian history.

We happily serve coffee, tea or if you prefer, my Dad’s homemade wine. You will see where the family has lived for over 74 years, a few kilometers from the city center of Shkodër.

Please be our overnight guest (see applicable fees) and enjoy the garden, orchard and vineyard of the Florian Guesthouse (fresh homemade foods for dinner and breakfast included in overnight rate) . For more information, contact us here or the phone number below.


Dinner Only – €15 per person (wine included)

Optional Lunch – €15 per person (wine included). Available only to groups of 6 or more.

What to Bring

Come hungry! Leave happy 🙂