Koman Lake – River Shala Excursion

Guided • Full day • 50 € per person (no minimum)


Lake Koman will enchant you with its pristine nature. The lake and the breath-taking surroundings that we see today, did not even exist until the 1970’s. The building of a large dam on the Drin River gave birth to this magnificent lake that is comparable to Norwegian fjords.

Located about an hour’s drive from Shkodër, Lake Koman excursion will culminate in a relaxing journey on the smooth, glass-like water. If this adventure sounds familiar to you, you have likely read it in Bradt Travel Guide© where it is labelled as “one of the great boat trips in the world.”


Transfer – Starting with an early morning pick-up at 07:00 o’clock from your hotel in Shkodër, we will drive to Lake Koman where we will board the morning ferry.

Cruise – During the tranquil 90-minute Lake Koman ferry journey, we will pass through the scenic Drini Valley, which is cradled by 1500-meter-high rugged mountains. It takes about 1,5 hours until we reach the River Shala.

Shala River Island We stop on a small Lake Koman island, where you can take a leisurely walk along the hiking routes and admire the panoramic view of the island. We have one hour before lunch, so you can also swim in the lake if you feel brave enough. In September, water temperatures might be a little bit on the chilly side.

Lunch – We will have lunch at a local restaurant in the middle of the island. The lunch will be around 01:00 – 01:30 and it is included in the price. Afterwards, there is leisure time for exploring the island or – if you prefer – swimming in the lake.

Leisure Time – After your lunch you can sunbathe, swim, people watch or just relax next to the tranquil waters.

Return Transfer At around 16:00 in the afternoon, we will take the ferry back. Upon arrival, the minibus will be waiting for you. You will be back at your hotel in the evening at around 19:00.


50 € per person

What to Bring

Albanian Leke (ALL), swimsuit, towel, hat, sunscreen