Albanian Farm Tour

GUIDED • 1/2 Day • €25 PER PERSON


“A true farm-to-table lifestyle” 2017 Guest

Our sustainable farming lifestyle tour immerses you in an agriculture experience. Please join us for a morning tour at our farm. Here you will connect to the earth; our garden, orchard and vineyard and you will share in a very different daily routine.

Many families in rural Albania gather wood from the forest to accompany their daily routines.  In the mountains of Pult for example, wood is burned for warmth, to heat-water for a hot shower as well as for cooking. Also, local craftsman create the parts and accessories they need for work; both for gardening and home building. Farmers shovel and pick the ground with these tools to plant seeds of all varieties. Vegetables like beans, tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines (eggplant to our guests from the USA), onions, and carrots all grow well in Albania. Farmers also plant and harvest tons of fruit trees in this Mediterranean climate. Kiwis, cherries, apples, plums, figs, persimmons, pomegranate, and pears all bloom into deliciousness over the months of May-August. It is then a challenge after the harvest to preserve these wonderful foods. Many various techniques are used for pickling and storing this bounty of fruits and vegetables.

We will show you what we do! It is essential for local farmers to also store jams, preservatives and pickled vegetables for the colder months. Here in Albania many varieties of grapes are grown; Kallmet, Vernac, Sheshi i bardhe, Havizali and Kabernet as most popular. Florian’s Dad, Zef, has been making homemade wine for over 40 years.  


9:30am – Tour Begins
12pm . – Please join us as our guests for lunch.

What You’ll See
How we make Rakija (grape brandy), wine, cheese from our goats and sheep, view the honeybee hives, and share our land’s bounty.


€25 per person
Please note: we require a 3 person minimum to book this tour.

What to Bring

Camera and come hungry.