Montenegro to Berat, Albania Transfer Trip

GUIDED • FULL DAY • 90 € PER PERSON (minimum 3 people)


…on the way to Sarandë (Aaron J. Spicker- Photo)

Visit one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities in Albania beautiful Berat!

Join us as we travel from Podgorica, Montenegro to the UNESCO city of Berat, Albania. Along the way we will pass Shkodër , Lezhë, Kruje, Tirana and Durres finally arriving to your hotel/guesthouse in Berat.

Call and inquire for…

Podgorica, Montenegro to Vlorë

Podgorica, Montenegro to Sarandë


We can pick you up from any hostel or hotel in Podgorica, Montenegro.

  • Early morning – pick up from your hotel
  • Lunch Break – We will have a 70-minute break
  • Highlighted stops in Shkodër, Lezhë, Kruje, & Durres
  • Drop off to your hostel/hotel in Berat


90€ Per Person (3 person minimum for this trip * please note ONE WAY trip)

Note: 6 people or more in your group? Ask for seasonal discount.

450 Year old Guesthouse recommendation in Berat available with advance reservation. Contact Florian to arrange.

What to Bring

Albanian Leke (ALL) for Lunch , Snacks and Water


Enjoy Berat! The ‘City of Windows’