GUIDED • FULL DAY • 75€ PER PERSON (3 person Minimum)


Visit the historic cities of Durres where we will visit the Royal Villa, port and spend time on the beach. We will visit Shkodër’s marketplace, Museum of Witness and Memory; documenting the struggles against Communism. Then north to Kotor, Montenegro. We will visit the seaside town of Budva.


  • Early morning (6:30a.m)- Depart from Durres
  • Late morning – we will visit the cities of Shkodër and boarder cross to Montenegro, Kotor.
  • Lunch in Kotor
  • Drive to Budva, see the seaside town
  • Return to Durres, around 8pm+ (20.00+)

On request, we can change the ‘Start’ location of the tour to make it more convenient for your group.


75€ Per Person

Note: If there are more than 7 people in your group, ask for the seasonal discount

What to Bring

Albanian Leke (ALL): Lunch Snacks and Water