Berat Day Trip From Shkodër

GUIDED • FULL DAY • Round Trip from Shkodër ~ 60 € per person ~ min. 3 persons


“The coolest mountain town you’ve never heard of.” Google Search

Visit one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and castle grounds in Albania, Berat!

Walking through the beautiful streets of Berat you will see remnants from both the Greek and Ottoman empires. The old town Mangalem District, has been “designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, comprising a unique style of architecture with influences from several civilizations that have managed to coexist for centuries throughout the history”  Berat represents one of Albania’s most beautiful and proud cities of the country. Berat is on the Osum River, in central Albania. It’s known for its white Ottoman houses…also called by locals “the city of a thousand windows.”


Highlights we will see are:

  • The Ethnographic Museum
  • The Holy Trinity Church of Berat
  • Gorica Bridge
  • Osum Canyon
  • Church of St. Mary of Blachernae

Lunch Break – We will have a 60-minute break for lunch * Lunch not provided, please bring Albanian Leke to purchase snacks and lunch. We will have lunch in the Pedestrian Zone (Shetitorja Osumi, lots of food choices)


ROUND TRIP From Shkoder ~ 60 € per person ~ minimum 3 persons

What to Bring

Snacks, Water, Sunscreen and your Camera gear.

Lunch not provided, please bring Albanian Leke.