Velipojë, An Adriatic Seaside Gem

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The village of Velipojë is one of the hidden gems on the Albanian Adriatic coast. “Velipojë is situated on the estuary of the Buna river (the only navigable river of Albania), where it flows into the Adriatic Sea while constituting the natural border with Montenegro.”

With its beautifully long and wide sandy beaches one can escape the crowds, even during the peak season. The shallow yet clean water is perfect for a relaxing swim. There is a well developed tourist infrastructure around the village center with many restaurants, shops and hotels connected by a seaside promenade.

Velipojë is less then 30 km from Shkodër and the road there passes some scenic views of the hills and mountains which have often been compared to Scottish scenery.


We offer single day round-trips to Velipojë from Shkodër. But if your heart wants an overnight experiences we can assist with accommodations and all transfers. Please contact us in advance to book your special trip to the sea.


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What to Bring

Swimsuit and Towel