Communist Era Tour of Shkodër

GUIDED TOUR • HALF DAY €35 Per person/2 person Minimum


Explore the isolation of a country and then the fall of Communism in Albania.

“Between 1946 and 1992, Albania, at the time was called the ‘People’s Socialist Republic of Albania’. “It was ruled by a Marxist-Leninist government. During this period, the government called for principles of national unity and self-reliance. Travel and visa restrictions made Albania one of the most difficult countries to visit or from which to travel from, and this caused the people of Albania to have little to no contact with the outside world.”

“During this time, the government implemented reforms aimed at modernization and resulted in significant gains in the areas of industry, agriculture, education, the arts, and culture, which contributed to a general increase in the standard of living. However, these developments coincided with political repression by the secret police, the Sigurimi, for the purposes of preventing counter-revolution, which included dismissal from employment, forced labor camps, and executions.”
(as described by Wikipedia)


Communist Albania was simple and yet complex to live a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

We’ll take you to buildings, bunkers (173,000 were made) built during the Communist Period in and around Shkodër. We share personal stories from that time as experienced by Florian’s Dad. We will also show you various objects left behind from the Enver Hoxha’s dictatorship.

Private Car included


35 Per person/2 person Minimum

  • Your travel party’s size, i.e. need to book a minibus, language interpreter needs, etc. can effect the per person fees.
  • Additional long distance tours are available, call Florian to inquire.

What to Bring

Lunch and/or Snack money (Albanian Leke)

Bring a water bottle, snacks and your camera