BE TAKEN BY ALBANIA! Long-Term Rentals & Relocation Assistance invites you to live in Shkoder Albania if you’re interested in staying here for a long-term visit, or are seeking permanent residency in Albania. We have private rooms available for longer visits at Florian’s Guesthouse and offer affordable and competitive rates. Our goal is to assist you in finding an affordable apartment, transportation, resources and ammenities (pharmacies, healthcare, universities and schools).

While you’re investigating the myriad of possibilities to create a comfortable and affordable lifestyle as an expat, we offer you our exclusive relocation services and warm hospitality.

We offer monthly and quarterly rates for room rentals including breakfast and linens. Our organic food is grown by us, and your fresh vegetables and fruits are picked in our garden, daily! We cater to Vegetarians, Vegans, and Carnivores, though our diet is primarily focused on our own produce. Our goat-cheese, meats & poultry are locally sourced by neighboring farms. We bake our own bread, and also grow our own grapes and have a private vineyard featuring delicious homemade wines available for purchase!

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Welcome To Albania!

Fishing Tours is pleased to announce that we’ve added brand new features to our Tour Company! We’ve contracted with local fishing guides who have decades of experience guiding tourists and locals to fishing sites on Shkoder Lake, and in the North Adriatic Sea. And so we offer you North Albania Tours Fishing, for your fishing dreams! Ask us about it!

We arrange transportation to and from your selected fishing location, and supply the fishing bait, tackle and boat. We also provide refreshments and lunch! And we offer affordable prices so that you don’t have to only dream! We’re willing to negotiate our prices depending on season, local costs, and availability …so that your dreams can become real. Step out of your box, and just ask us, because life is too short for bad trips!

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Short & Long-term Relocation also realizes that people everywhere have been making changes due to the global pandemic, and many people from the US and abroad are now seeking long-term visitation and permanent residency in Albania. North Albania Tours is onboard with this, and we now offer relocation services in order to assist people who’ve decided to take the plunge and seek long-term visas as well as residency. We can help you to get to where you want to go!

We offer residency guidance, apartment locations, and local assistance to hook you up! Life is too short to quench your dreams!

Currently, Albania is one of the few nations on the planet that welcomes Americans to visit, without a visa, and without the 90-day limitation of the Shengen Agreement in Europe. Americans are welcome to stay in Albania for up to a year, without a visa, and without the hassle of leaving and returning to satisfy customs and immigration. While borders throughout the world are opening, closing, and re-opening due to the global lockdown, Albania welcomes you, hassle-free!

Your physical wellbeing and mental health are important to us at NorthAlbaniaTours. WE do the work, so you don’t have to worry.

Please Contact Florian or one of his representatives for information, guidance, and assistance.

And while you’re thinking about Albania, we’d like to invite you to book your stay at Florian’s Guest House, where you can stay far away from the maddening crowds, in a green environment while experiencing the peaceful easy feeling of a non-covid-spiking location.

We live a natural, organic lifestyle, and we’d like to invite you to our holistic guest house, where we trade products with the local farmers, and produce our own fruit, vegetables, bread, wine, and rakija. But we do trade for our delicous goat cheese, so you don’t haved to worry about the goats eating your breakfast!

We have a positive-energy environment where you’ll be refreshed and reinvigorated to your natural state of existance while living in our garden rooms. Basic natural living at its uncompromised best!

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Equipment Storage in Shkodër

Wedding supplies! We stored these items for our guests!

We at North Albania Tours can assist you with storage services. This could be bikes, luggage, kayaks, cars, motorcycles or wedding preparations!

Safely leave your gear with us at your convenience. We can arrange to pick up your belongings in and around Albania. Be sure to call and ask for price and availability for pick-up arrangements in Montenegro, Macedonia or Kosovo. Park (secured) your car or motorcycles here on our property located at the Florian’s Guesthouse in Shkodër.

Vehicle Storage: Cars and Motorcycles €10 Euros per day
Electrical Hook Ups: (charging stations for Electric/Hybrid cars not available) €20 Euros per day (24 hour rate only)
Luggage Storage: €5 Euros per day