9 days hiking

Guided • 9 Days • €700 Per Person Easy to Moderate Difficulty


Hike some of Europe’s most secluded peaks in Albania, a country with solitude and fresh air cut off from the rest of the world by the soaring, lush or snow-clad mountains that surround its borders, also referred to as “The Forgotten Alps.” You will experience the warm hospitality our country is known for, enjoy locally-run guesthouses, dine with the hosts and sample our famous cuisine Burek and the well loved national drink Rakia.


Day 1: Arrive at the Airport and leave for Lepushë Village, the journey takes about 4-5 hours. We consume dinner at the Guesthouse.

Day 2: We eat breakfast and go hiking to Vajusha Peak, Paje and then return to Lepushë. It is about 12 km long. 

Day 3: After eating breakfast we will do: Lepushë – Berizhdol – Nikç. The road takes about 15 km of hiking trails.

Day 4: Nikç -Qafe Thore with Van. Qafe Thore – Nderlysaj hiking 

Day 5: Blue Eyes – Stone Baths  – Grunas Waterfall – Theth

Day 6: Theth – Valbone Neck – Valbone. This journey takes about 15 km.

Day 7: Valbone – Maja e Rosit – Valbone. This journey takes about 18 km.

Day 8: Valbone – Cerem 

Day 9: Cerem – Airport of Tirana


  • Meals from the 1st day’s dinner to the 8th day’s lunch – FREE
  • Guides – LICENSED
  • Accomodation – ALL IN GUESTHOUSES